Becoming a My-Designer Agent is simple, and comes with many many benefits.

Step up and take the reigns to a complete design and development workflow system… or plug in the my-designer Agency services to your existing business and increase your profits whilst shrinking your work load dramatically.

By joining our Agency, you will gain access to all the tools that you will need to run a successful Design Agency.

Just to mention a few…

  • my-cloud affiliate hosting and premium agent account. (exclusive to my-designer agents)
  • (social media exchange) licence (exclusive to my-designer agents)
  • full access to our education resources.
  • Personal Mentorship through our support network to get your business flying from the get go.
  • Access to the my-designer content writing team for website content and blog writing services.
  • Development and design services through the agency. we can handle anything outside your personal skill set.
  • Printing, merchandising and sign writing services – our agency has partnerships with preferred printing and manufacturing companies to get the best deals possible so you can offer everything from business card printing and t-shirts to billboards and shop signs of the Highest Quality at the lowest prices possible.
  • Project management tools, training, services and software.
  • Unlimited access to our plugin and theme resource library.
  • Members only Support Forum, Email ticket Support, FAQ, and live chat sessions.
  • Super easy WordPress deployment through CPanel software services – single click install, no FTP or downloading source files needed.

Plus access to our partnership services to take YOUR agency to the next level.

  • SEO tools
  • pluggins, themes and support.
  • Email marketing support and training
  • Advanced learning
  • Multi Browser Testing
  • Content Delivery Network services
  • and more coming every day…

And this is just the beginning. Our team of experts are dedicated to staying ahead of the curve when it comes to new technology and services. You can rest assured that you are offering the latest and greatest design and development tools to your clients.

Click here to fill out a membership form and get started today.